#77 Yellow Jacket
#35 Berger Breeding
DOB 2/18/08
#61 Little Yellow Jacket
#SAV 52   
#T48 Little Weed (xTumbleweed)
#SA 402  
This is #BBR-4, we call her :Little by Little.  Take a look at her two famous "Littles" in her pedigree.  We feel this girl's genetics are simply the best.  She is sired by Berger's Little Yellow Jacket (probull stats), 3 time PBR World Champion bull and out of an own daughter of Sammy Andrews' famous PBR/PRCA bucking bull, #T48 Little Weed (probull stats).
Our Girls 2
#910 Coyote Girl
DOB 3/2/09
#83 Coyote 
#701 Brenda
#03 Dr. Hou 
Baker Breeding
#35 Berger 
#15 Berger  (X Baby Brother)
Our #910,Coyote Girl is an own daughter of #83 Coyote (probull stats) but her maternal genetics are also notable with the likes of Dr. Hou, (probull stats)  Houdini and White Water Skoal contributing to her famous bloodline.  She should bring us the right kind of calves.
#809 Diamond S
DOB 2/8/08
#187 Shanghai
#15 Playboy Skoal
#21 Lady Rocker
#B12 Vitamin Pac
#132 Walker Breeding
This is #809 S, we are calling her Shanghai Nights and she is from the Diamond S breeding program.  We're very excited to have the daughter of Shanghai (probull stats) , with those great Playboy genetics join our herd.  Not to overlook her maternal genetics,  she is also out of the Trevor Walker program and his Canadian born bull, Vitamin Pac.  
DOB 9/2/08
#761 Mud Flap
DOB 4/1/07
#TW 5571 
#95 Mission Pack
#TW 571 
#794 Crooked Six Mafia
#802 is Minnie's girl.  Her dam is #TW5571  who is also the Dam to Lil Red, of our bull program.  Her sire is Mud Flap  (Probull stats) a son of Mossy Oak Mud Slinger, 2006 PBR Bucking Bull of the Year.  We are certainly looking forward to the Mudslinger/Super Dave gentics becoming a part of our herd.
We simply call this girl “310”. Along with her being a 749 Rooster granddaughter, she’s also a double bred 161 White Sports Coat with a little 224 Spook thrown in for good measure. She’s the hottest girl on our ranch and she will “flat come and get you”. It’s no wonder, when you look at her great genetics. We believe her calves will help increase and maintain the “heat” in our herd.                          
#TW 94
Carrillo Breeding

#913 Big Bucks Girl
DOB 2/24/09
#101 Big Bucks
# RAY 416
Wholelotta Bucks   (xCoffey's Deuces
#89 Alley Cat 
 #240 Sky King
#JJ 09 (xKnock'em John)
Recently aquired this nice heifer at the Frontier Rodeo sale.  We can tell already this heifer, we are calling her "big bucks girl", has the right kind of conformation to go along with her famous genetics.
#790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger
#P625 Calico Spot (xSuper Dave)
#749 Rooster
Carrillo Breeding
#102 Blue Bayou
DOB 2/15/11
#P 802
#761 Mud Flap
#TW 5571
#24 Rater 7R
#749 Rooster
#187 Rafter 7R
#101 Highway 101 
#24 Rafter 7R 24
#749 Rooster
#187 Rafter 7R 187
#4 BBR
#61 Little Yellow Jacket
#V52 SA
102 is a Blue Roan Speckled Heifer with some great genetics out of a Mudslinger, Rooster, Mission Pack and Johnny Walker Red to name a few.  We are proud to have had this new heifer born to our ranch in 2011.                      
#101 is the heifer shown in the middle.  She is already showing sign of being really 'cagey".  No matter how hard we tried it was simply impossible to get her pictured all alone.  With her impressive genetics we are looking forward to see her calves in a few years hit the ground.